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Livi In The Middle was formed in late 2016. Livi (Vocalist/Bassist) and Mike (Guitarist/Drummer) are siblings and have been good friends with Antony (Pianist/Keyboardist) for most of their lives. The band was formed primarily for Twitch, then shortly afterwards started gigging alongside live streams. They also aim to upload YouTube covers each month.



Antony has been playing Piano and Keyboards professionally since he was 18. Before Livi In The Middle, he has worked on various projects including session work, piano tuition and has a background in Music Production which he studied at BIMM university. 

Antony's musical influences are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jordan Rudess, Stevie Wonder and Jean Michel Jarre, to name a few. 



Liv has been singing professionally since the age of 16 doing session work live and in the studio. Liv also went to BIMM university where she studied vocals. Since Livi In The Middle was formed, Liv started learning the bass guitar to fill out the sound of the band. 

Liv is influenced heavily by artists like Beyonc√©, John Legend and Mariah Carey. 



Mike has been playing drums most of his life and started playing guitar a year before the band formed. He has played in many bands as a drummer but this is his first as a guitarist. In the band he plays acoustic and electric guitars and uses pedals for the drums running through a percussion pad.

Mike is influenced by a lot of Funk and Jazz from his drumming background and likes artists such as Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars.

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