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Twitch Live Stream



Twitch is a great way for viewers to interact with the streamers and we take full advantage of this, giving our viewers complete control of our live set list. We play a wide range of songs from current artists like Ed Sheeran & Adele, to older classics like Otis Redding & Jackson 5. We have been on Twitch for nearly 3 years and in this time have built up an incredible community. Our viewers make the stream what it is just as much as we do, so please come join the community and follow us on the Journey. 

Stream Time Table

   Monday - 6:00pm BST

   Tuesday - 6:00pm BST

   Wednesday - 6:00pm BST

   Thursday - 6:00pm BST

   Extra Streams

   1st Saturday of every month - 2:00pm BST (Set List Stream)

   3rd Saturday of every month - 2:00pm BST (Random Requests)


Cancelled Streams

Here we will keep you up to date with any cancelled or rescheduled streams.

Our Live Stream

Song Requests

The way we run our stream is by giving our viewers a form with our complete repertoire and they can tick a song before submitting it. Then the chosen song(s) will be automatically added to the queue. By donating $5+ your song will be bumped to the top of the list. 

Random Request

Every 3rd Saturday of the month we do a random request stream. With random requests, we open a new form where you can put in any song of your choice. We will try as many songs as we can but will prioritise those we know of, at least. We have a lot of fun trying songs on the spot but you may have to bear with us on some of them as they don't always go to plan.

Chat Sings

When we hit a total of $50+ in a stream we will do a chat sings. Chat sings are when our viewers will type random/funny things in chat and we make it into a song, on the spot. We never know what to expect with chat sings but they're alway a laugh.


Twitch allows viewers to subscribe to us monthly. When you sub to us on Twitch, we will play you a personalised sub-song live on stream, and a re-sub song every time you renew your subscription. You will also get a VIP song request which is bumped to the top of the list. You can also join our sub-only discord channel and you will get our custom emotes to use in the Twitch chat and our discord channel. Once a month we live stream a sub-only Q&A where our subs can ask us any questions. Subs also get early access to our YouTube videos and all our mp3 downloads.

New Songs

We add a new cover song to our list every Monday. On our discord channel we have a Song Recommendations page where you can put in any songs you think we should learn. It's always nice to get some ideas of what other people think would be good songs for us to cover.


Our discord channel is there for our viewers to interact with us and the rest of the Livi In The Middle community when we are offline. We have had great success with the discord channel. It has given us the chance to get valuable insight from our viewers on all aspects of our stream. This keeps the stream constantly evolving and pushing us to better ourselves. If you would like to join the discord channel, please follow the link below. 

Contact Us

If you want to book the band or have any questions, please get in contact with us through one of the methods provided.

Stay In The Loop

To stay up to date with all our up-and-coming gigs, live streams and any other Livi-related news, please follow us on social medias.