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Why use online session musicians?

It's no secret that online session musicians are becoming more and more popular in recent years and for good reason. Choosing online session players over going to the studio is saving time and money whilst still getting the high quality recordings. When you hire out a studio a lot of the money is wasted on the set up time and the mixing afterwards. With most session players, they will have a constant set up which is where you will be saving money and getting quicker results.

UNLIMITED changes until you're 100% Happy

With Our service we offer unlimited changes to the parts until you are completely happy with them. As there is no payment until the track is finished you know you won't be paying for anything your not 100% satisfied with. The unlimited changes is included in the standard price per track price.

How It Works

contact us

To start with get in contact with us through email and then send us over the track/s you want the parts for.

Record Parts

The parts will then be recorded in the studio. This will usually be done within 48 hours. Once the parts are recorded we will send you an mp3 demo of the recording with your track.


We offer unlimited changes until you are completely satisfied with the parts. This way you know you won't be leaving with anything you're not 100% happy with.


Once you've given us the go ahead, we will send you an invoice through PayPal (Prices are given down below). Once payment is complete we will send you a link to where you can download the finished recordings.

Session Tracks ThatWe Provide

Female Vocals

Livi is our lead vocalist and has been singing professionally since the age of 16 in and out of the studio as a Lead singer and backing vocalist. She also went to BIMM university where she studied vocals. 

Livi has an impressive vocal range and can sing a wide variety of styles to suit the needs for most songs and projects. Livi's passion for singing really shines through on her vocal tracks producing high quality recordings that have been fully comped giving you the best results for your song/project. Once you are 100% satisfied with the mp3 demo track she will send you over the unedited raw vocal track in a high quality file format ready to be dropped into your mix. 

Price - £50 per track
Extras - £15 per Harmony  


Antony has been playing Piano/Keyboard from an early age. Before Livi In The Middle Antony studied Music Production and Studio Engineering at BIMM university and then went on to work as a piano teacher whilst doing session work both in and out of the studio.

Antony can adapt to suit the needs for a wide variety of songs and projects using a range of Keyboards from Vintage Synths to high end Workstations, his go to choice is the Korg Kronos 2 which produces beautifully authentic Piano sounds, warm and gritty EP's to deep and full sounding organs and many more. If you wanted to use your own native piano/synth sounds, he can also send over the midi files.

Price - £50 per track (Main track)
Additional Parts - £15


Mike has been playing drums since the age of 10 and before Livi In The Middle, he was playing professionally recording tracks as online session drummer. Mike also studied drums at BIMM university where he was working in various projects/bands and for solo artists alike gaining valuable insight and skills along the way to make his style completely adaptable to whatever task is presented.

The drum sound is something Mike takes a lot of effort in getting right for the individual project at hand. He records using the Roland Vdrums running through one of the best drum software instruments on the market "Steven Slate Drums". Steven Slate Drums lets you bounce down the drums onto the separate microphones they were recorded on, giving you the freedom to mix the drums as you would a with an acoustic kit. With this set up Mike can work with you to create the perfect sounding drums for any situation. If you would like to use your own native drum instruments Instead of or to back up the stems he can send you the midi file.

Price - £50 per track  
Head over to our Contact Page if you would like to book any session tracks from us. 


All Payment will be done though a Paypal invoice. As soon as payment it received we will send you over the finished high quality recordings.

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If you want to book the band or have any questions, please get in contact with us through one of the methods provided.

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